Here’s another article of mine published last year in the Sophian, reviewing a guest-lecture from MacArthur Genius Grant winner and microbiologist Bonnie Bassler, now a professor at Princeton University. Link is here. Bassler researches quorum sensing, the so-called language of bacteria that enables the microorganisms to launch efficient offensives in the human body.

While my background is not in microbiology (although I am taking Introductory Microbio. this semester!), I do enjoy synthesizing lectures, research and so on in fields other than nutrition. My semesters of chemistry and biology have given me but a glimpse into the subjects, but enough to understand and appreciate the work of scientists like Bassler.



I wrote this two years ago for my college newspaper, the Smith College “Sophian.” I later served as Features Editor for the paper, and worked to consistently write and publish health- and nutrition-related content. Here is a piece on what I call “pop nutrition.”


And now, melding my interests in psychology and nutrition, a piece about flaxseed and depression.


I began writing late December for Livestrong, an affiliate site of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the “definitive daily health, fitness and lifestyle destination.” The site, which relies on Armstrong as a strategic advisor and ongoing contributer, is built on the philosophy that every individual has the power to improve his or her life, and strives to offer the information, tools and resources necessary to do so.

While I have a wide variety of assignments available to me, I generally choose topics relevant to my interest in health and nutrition, and have thus written often about the importance of various nutrients, foods and other elements for optimal health.

Here is one article I wrote for Livestrong, on the subject of the synthetic adrenal hormone DHEA. Warning: Livestrong requires its writers to adhere to a strict format, so these pieces are generally pretty dry.

Read the article here.


I write about every other week for the, a site comprised entirely of freelance content. My area of “expertise” on the Examiner is in nutrition and health, particularly as it relates to obesity in America. Here are two pieces:

A more informal, conversational piece on setting realistic health- and wellness-related resolutions for the new year: “New Year’s resolutions you can stick to.”

And a little commentary on the recent move to make weight-loss surgery available to a wider range of Americans: “Weight-loss surgery to become more commonplace.”


Welcome to my Grub Media site, where I post links to published work I’ve written. I write primarily on the topics on health and nutrition, which you can read more about in this site’s “About” section (see tab above).

I will earn my B.A. in psychology this May from Smith College, and will be attending graduate school next year for a Master’s of Science in Nutrition.

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